A Bit O’History

First, this page should be called Scott & Holly's house, but since she is a neo-luddite and that URL would take forever to enter, I opted for a semi-simpler title. This really is our house and she is making the majority of the decisions on this project.

Now, this project, Holly & I purchased our house in the Bay Area about 5 years ago. It was the classic we took the dog for a walk, stopped in at an open house and made a bid that afternoon story. We love the street, we love our neighbors, she loves the house (I hate it), but it was one of those worst house on the best block scenarios so we jumped at the chance to buy it. We've known all along that we would be doing a remodel, we just weren't sure to what extent or when we would be able to pull it off.

The house is a very original 1940's 2 bedroom, one bath house. A whopping 1,039 square feet. Not exactly a palace, but good enough. It was great for the old lady that lived there before us (original owner), but not so hot for a young family with 2 kids that are growing like weeds. We could certainly make it work if we needed to, but the roof, bathroom, kitchen, & floors need to be replaced. While we are in there, we might as well.

Over the past 5 years we have been able to formulate what we want to do and how much we can afford. Money being no object, I'd have a big house on the beach in Hawaii. Money being an object, we are going to get a nice remodel in San Jose.

I've wanted to document the project in more or less real time since we started to talk about this, but since we have only being doing napkin sketches, I haven't done anything yet. My goal with this blog is to provide help to people who are thinking about doing a project like this. Hopefully you can get some ideas from us and learn from our mistakes.


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