First and Second Architect Meetings

We had our first and second architect meetings recently.  It was great.  It was like being in grade school again.  We simply took our existing floor plan and a Sharpie marker and drew all over it on velum.  We made 3 different versions and ended up with one that we really liked. 

Holly and I took it home, looked at it a lot, made some minor changes to it and then we were off and running.  We told Rick that we loved the plans and asked that he put them into the computer. 

When we met with Rick the second time, he had loaded everything up.  It was cool.  We were able to see what the house would look like from the floor plan and a 3D view.  We made a few more quick changes which we could see in real time.  Some of them were:

            10 foot ceilings vs. 9 foot vs. 8 foot

            Adding windows, doors, more light

            Moving furniture around

            Changing the bathroom

            Moving walls

It was all kind of surreal and fun. 

The next meeting is tomorrow.

One recommendation that we have is to tape the plans to a common area in the house so that you can write down your thoughts on the plans in real time.  We put a piece of note paper with it too so that we can take all notes.  It makes life easier in that you don’t have to unroll the plans every time you want to look at them.


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