First Check

Well, I suppose with the writing of the first check the project is officially underway. All of the contractors that we spoke with recommended several architects, but one name came up with all of them and that was Rick Hartman of HOMETEC Architecture. We were really glad to see this as, obviously, this means that Rick has worked with all three of our final picks, plus, during the interview process, Rick gave us a list of addresses of houses that he has done and we both liked more then a handful of them. I am sure that he won't be happy about this, but Rick was also the 'mystery architect' on the two Sunset homes in Los Gatos. I think that we are in good hands for our tiny little project.

Rick is funny, personable and very efficient. He brings a ton of great ideas to the table and, like he says, his job is easy, he just draws, we are the ones that need to decide how big to make our closet if it means giving up bathroom space. He also likes to semi-kid that he is very good at spending our money.

For the first appointment, Rick came out and measured everything you can possible think of and them some more things. Apparently all of the set backs in San Jose are pretty tough to get around. As I am learning, like all things, the devil is in the details.


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