My Fiscal Disclaimer

Holly and I aren't rich, so I don't want any strange, unknown relatives coming out of the woodwork thinking that we are on easy street and begging for dough.  We have pretty much resigned ourselves that, unless an ultra-wealthy unknown relative kicks it and leaves us all the money or some other financial windfall bestows us (finding a lottery ticket, odd law suit paying off big, bags of money found in the demolition phase), we are going to be doing a lot more ramen noodles and taking a lot less vacations for the unforseeable future.

It is hard to write about doing a project like this without, at some points, bringing up the  costs associated with doing so.  Throughout the documentation of this project, I am going to try very hard not to bring up cost in terms of dollars.  I will talk about percentages as it gives an idea of scope. 

I don't want to come across as the Rich Jerk during this documentation.  That is not the intention.  We live in an expensive region of the world and consider ourselves lucky to be able to pull it off, but our house won't have gold plated toilets or anything of the such.

Thanks for understanding. 



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2 responses to “My Fiscal Disclaimer

  1. God you have NO idea how many times I have wanted to post a disclaimer exactly like that…except mine would come out sounding far less pleasant, and probably have about ten curse words in it. LOL!

    Plans look awesome–how exciting!

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