Awesome 3rd Meeting

We had a great meeting the other night. Rick had some good ideas and felt that we were getting really close. At this point, we need to finalize where were are going to have the walls.

Floor Plan

Probably best if this is opened in another window, but you can see that we are adding the bedroom in the back, extending the front and making all types of other changes to the existing floor plan. The existing floor plan is in the double lined. We are keeping the wall down the left hand side of the house in this image. Everything else is new.

This is the rendered view of what the house will look like. I would say that we are 90% of the way there. I think that the only thing that we might add is a small bathroom in the place of the laundry room. The next step is to finalize the walls and have Rick begin the engineering.

I was at my friend Eric's house the other night and I love their kitchen. They had great distressed white cabinets with dark wide plank flooring. It looked phenomenal.


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