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Where’s the Website

Living in Silicon Valley, you become accustomed to everyone having a website.  My friends have websites (here and here, just a few), my company is the most popular website in the world, even my little MG shop has a website.

So it is surprising and sometimes disappointing that the contractors that we are talking to don’t have a website.  I understand that there is so much demand for work in this area that these guys don’t need it, but how challenging is it to slap something together to build a simple one or two page site that has some pictures of work that you’ve done?  It shouldn’t be too difficult and since this is a technology hub, why wouldn’t these guys build a simple site.

I know it’s petty, but it’s something small that I’d like to see.



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$1,000 for Towel Racks!!!???

We got a bid from another contactor last night.  Since I don’t really know what I am looking for, I need to check out the things that seem a bit obvious.  In this case, it was $1,000 for towel racks.  One thousand dollars.

Can you imagine what $1,000 worth of towel racks looks like?  They better be heated solid gold towel racks and there better be towel racks in every room of the house.

The second quote was about 20 – 25% over our budget, but there were a lot of things baked in there (like $1,000 towel racks) that were clearly on the high end.  Still, I get a bad feeling in my gut when someone gives me a quote like that.


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First Estimate is In

We got our first estimate in today.  It was about 10% lower then our budget is, but didn’t include things like landscaping and permits.  I’ve heard that permits can be as much as 8 – 10% of the value of the project.  Landscaping is probably another 10 – 15% of the cost of the project.  With everything added together, it probably exceeds our budget by about 10%.

The contractor figured a pretty big number for our appliances.  Since we aren’t going with Wolf or Viking, the number that we got may have been a little high.  Probably corners that we can cut there.

It will be interesting to see where the other quotes come in.  We met with one contractor who felt that the job would take 9 – 12 months, or 3 – 6 months longer than everyone else.  Ugh.  Such a nightmare.

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