$1,000 for Towel Racks!!!???

We got a bid from another contactor last night.  Since I don’t really know what I am looking for, I need to check out the things that seem a bit obvious.  In this case, it was $1,000 for towel racks.  One thousand dollars.

Can you imagine what $1,000 worth of towel racks looks like?  They better be heated solid gold towel racks and there better be towel racks in every room of the house.

The second quote was about 20 – 25% over our budget, but there were a lot of things baked in there (like $1,000 towel racks) that were clearly on the high end.  Still, I get a bad feeling in my gut when someone gives me a quote like that.



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3 responses to “$1,000 for Towel Racks!!!???

  1. Ah yeah… anyone who takes for granted that you would find $1000 an
    exceptable price for towel racks is not someone I’d want working on my place.

    Of course I don’t know your budget, what you told them or your particular design tastes (hopefully its nothing to big & out of character for the Neighborhood). I think its a cute house as is but I have no desire for 2000sq. feet per occupant like so many people these days… 🙂

    So yeah if it were me I’d give that Contractor the boot.

  2. No, no I think he underestimated at least 100%. Check out this beauty:
    outrageously expensive heated towel rack. Every bathroom should have one.

  3. Maybe if the towel rack was oh, I don’t know, Michael Buble or Josh Groban, I’d shell out a grand for that.

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