Where’s the Website

Living in Silicon Valley, you become accustomed to everyone having a website.  My friends have websites (here and here, just a few), my company is the most popular website in the world, even my little MG shop has a website.

So it is surprising and sometimes disappointing that the contractors that we are talking to don’t have a website.  I understand that there is so much demand for work in this area that these guys don’t need it, but how challenging is it to slap something together to build a simple one or two page site that has some pictures of work that you’ve done?  It shouldn’t be too difficult and since this is a technology hub, why wouldn’t these guys build a simple site.

I know it’s petty, but it’s something small that I’d like to see.



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4 responses to “Where’s the Website

  1. ben

    I agree, but even more frustrating is a dead website. So many places have A web page but it’s more like a berma shave sign on the side of the information highway than an actual communication tool. Maybe you could get a discount on services by putting together a site for them?

  2. You have an MG? Cool, I grew up with a ’66 MGB that my dad was constantly tinkering with. Fun cars…

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  4. I ran across your blog and your post about contractors stuck me as so surreal. Most contractors think that a hammer with an ergonomic handle or the new 36 volt cordless drill is “high tech”. Having been a builder and having a degree in CIS, I now wonder how many of them succeed at all. I have met very few that realize what an improvement to their productivity it would be to get all their subs online and talking through BaseCamp or som other forum to do scheduling. Instead they remain trapped in the “cell zone” playing endless tag and leaving messages on voicemail that in the case of my carrier wont be delivered for 4 to 7 days. I hope yours is more in tuned.

    Anyway, I have a website that has information, resources and forums for people building their own house or doing a major renovation. Maybe you will find some usefull infor there.

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