Many Tiny Steps Adds Up To A Marathon

Undergoing a project like this is akin, I suspect (because I’m lazy and don’t really know), to running a marathon.  There is tons of preparation, often there are setbacks and ultimately each step adds up to 26.2 miles.

Like a lot of sales people, I’ve married way out of my league.  My wife has been awesome about breaking this project up into many tiny steps.  This includes delegating a bunch of these tiny steps off to me and making sure that these are completed well in advance of our actual date that we need things done.

In speaking with friends who have undergone this process, they have all stated that you want to be sure that you know what you want and that you have your stuff picked out very far in advance.  Any delays in construction are typically a result of the owner debating between dark gray granite or light black granite or windows with panes or without panes or stuff like that.  We are lucky in the regard that a.) she has great taste and I take a back seat to decorating ideas and b.) we are both very decisive.  We don’t spend a ton of time trying to debate over these decisions.  We’ve hit some roadblocks, but usually, unless I feel insanely strong about it, I defer to her taste.  No marriage is worth arguing over window coverings though.

While the process thus far has been about a 6 or so on the stress-o-meter, I can see how people become totally unglued.  I’m starting a new category today titled ‘Unasked for Advice’.  These will be bits of knowledge that we’ve learned either the hard way or the fun way.  Our first bit is to break everything out into very, very small menial steps.  Don’t take on anything too big at once.  It sounds like common sense, but I suspect that most people would wait until the very last minute to make some of these decisions.  Don’t.  Figure out what your next steps are and plan on having them completed at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline because life will crop up and show its face and you won’t get things done.


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