Everything is Starting to Get Surreal

2 months ago, as we are finalizing everything, as things would break around the house, we’d say “Oh well, I guess we need to knockdown the house.”  As in, “The hinge to the back gate has come undone.” or “The screen door is starting to rip.”  No matter what, “Oh well, I guess we need to knock down the house and build a new one.”  Ha, ha.  It was very funny.

Then our bathroom, our only bathroom, started to back up.  For some reason, I think the result of kids stuffing toilet paper into the bathroom sink drain, the sink, shower & bathtub started to back up.  Then a different thought.  Oh shit (figuratively, not literally), I am not going to spend a dime on this bathroom in the coming days before we move out.  I’ll rent a porta-john before I pay a plumber $100 an hour to come out here and tell us that we need a new bathroom.  Fortunately, a little Zep fixed everything and life has been good since.

But since this incident, combined with the timing, knowing that in 4 weeks we will begin demolition, things have gotten a little surreal.  This weekend, I need to cut down some trees.  Trees that have probably been there for 40 or 50 years (or more). I have a friend that is doing his landscaping now and he is coming over to get a bunch of our plants.  The whole look of the house will be changed.

We’ve also been getting rid of a ton of stuff.  We are in the final stretch here and that has been tough.  We’ve got our POD coming in 2 weeks.  Our attitude is that if we aren’t going to need it for 8 months, we are never going to need it (big furniture aside) and it is going in the garbage.  It is tough to get rid of stuff that you hold a sentimental attachment to, but it is a good purge.

When I moved to California 11 years ago, I packed up all of my belongings, gave them to a total stranger and trusted that they would be in California within a week or so.  That was surreal for me and I didn’t own much but a bunch of CD’s and a crappy car.  Again, I am trusting someone who is, for all intents, a stranger to demolish my house and build our dream home.  It is very surreal.


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