Bye Bye Birchie

We’ve had a huge birch tree in front of our house for the last 50 years or so.  While it is a great tree, it unfortunately was going to be in the middle of our new living room.  We can’t have a giant tree blocking the TV, so it had to go.

The whole process seems very real now.  We are in the midst of packing boxes and separating into 3 piles: apartment, POD or sale.  Our loan closes on Monday and construction is still slated to begin on 11/1.


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One response to “Bye Bye Birchie

  1. In the North Pacific, where huggers hug trees and trees hug huggers, it is tough to believe someone would cut down a fifty year old birch tree for their new house, instead of building the new house around the tree. It goes to show how great America is that all kinds of people build houses here. Congratulations on your addition and happiness in your new home.

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