We received our Personal On Demand Storage (PODS) unit this weekend. It’s a good thing that my Tetris skillz are tiz-ight cause we gotta jam a bunch of ackward shaped things into this big box. We got picnic benches and rocking chairs and all sorts of things that we want to keep, but don’t want to take to the apartment. So, like most suburbaniites, we are jamming it into a big box for 8 months while our house is being built.

The POD system itself is pretty cool. Well, the POD itself is just a big box, however, the delivery of the system is really cool. They have a huge hydraulic lift on the truck that jacks the box up a few feet off the bed of the truck (~8 feet off the ground) and then the truck pulls out from underneath the box and it is lowered gently (we hope) to the ground.

There are a few more pictures on the Flickr account here.


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