The Demolition Party

Since we began this project, we’ve always said that we were going to have a big demolition party and let the kids ride their bikes and scooters in the house and write on the walls.    Last night we had our gig and, in short, they’ve turned the place into a squatters hollow.

Some key shots:

Masters of Destruction:

There are some other great pictures on my Flickr siteJJ was taking a bunch of pictures, too, and will probably have some on his site.

The night itself, while fun, was also pretty emotional.  I don’t have a lot of experience with death, but I kind of left the party with the same sad feeling that I had when my grandfather died.  It was our last night in our house.  We lived in that house longer than anywhere since we moved out of our parents house 15 years ago.  We had two kids in that house.  We put a lot of work into it.  The fact that it is about to get demolished was pretty emotionally overwhelming.

We know that long term it will be for the better, but for the short term, it is pretty sad for us.  Craig starts construction on Wednesday.



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2 responses to “The Demolition Party

  1. A few pictures are finally up on Flickr…

  2. OK…so a link would be nice….


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