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OMG! Our House is Gone

So I have to admit, it’s kind of a shock to the system when you go to your house and it is pretty much gone. These pictures were taken this morning, however, a lot more work was done today. The forms have been dug and the rebar set for the garage. The remaining walls have come down. In fact, there isn’t a whole lot left to take pictures of.


One thing that is pretty cool is that they cut out the little slot from our drive way which is where our fireplace is going to be. For the first time, walking around the lot tonight, the whole thing felt very real again. Something about the fireplace cut out made it seem very, very real.   Framing to start next week, fingers crossed for no rain.

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Forms Finished Friday

Say that five times fast!

Not much to report other than the forms being finished, rebar is in.  The front door is still locked.

It is raining like mad tonight, so that may delay the concrete pour a couple of days.  This is what we have been afraid of all along.   Hopefully the inspector can make it out tomorrow and at least be sure that the forms have been built properly and that they can pour when it drys up.

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Paint It Black

We hit Viking Door in San Ho the other night and did a little door shopping. Boy do they have you by the cookies for those things. God forbid you cheap out on a decent front door. It is the first thing that people notice. It is what gives the house curb appeal. It is what is protecting your family from the gangs of ravenous thugs stalking the suburbs for just such an opportunity. You don’t want a cheap front door. Unfortunately, our budget for front doors and what we want are so far apart from one another, that we are going to, again, have to meet in the middle somewhere. I’m starting to see a consistent theme.

Like any good loving husband / father / homeowner, I bought into the better quality (aka slightly more expensive) door. While we haven’t made a final decision yet, we are about 90% on the T.M. Cobb brand, which I’ve never heard of, but I know next to nothing about this whole process. See the tiny picture. Like I mentioned in a previous post, most construction and building websites either suck or are non-existent. In the case of our door people, it leans towards the sucky. The one odd thing about these doors is that they are 8′ high. I understand that this is the latest trend. This is cool as I like a huge front door. Even more exciting is that I’ll probably have to build a periscope in order to look out the panes.

We are almost set on Craftmaster interior doors. They look cool. I don’t get the impression that they are anything all that special. They look nice enough. Since my cello is in the shop, we will probably go with a different color.

The only other door that we can highlight, and I thought that this was really cool, is the door to our mudroom. A slider that we will have coated in chalkboard so that we can make lists and notes and the kids can draw.

I don’t recall who makes this, I just thought that it was fairly clever. Magnetic too.

Finally, despite what Jagger / Richards Music tells you, don’t paint your solid wood door black (or any dark color for that matter) if it will be in direct sunlight. It causes the wood to heat up and expand thus making your door hard to open or shut.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thank you for your continued support of this site. We went by the house today. More demolition. The roof is off and the house is gutted. Old stucco is been ripped away like an orange peel. The frames are laid for the foundation. An inspector needs to come over and give the thumbs up to the rebar. We got a lot of rain last night, so the yard was especially muddy.

Now that the frames are in, I’m finding that I can start to see it. It will be interesting when the right hand side of the house comes down.

As always, more pictures on Flickr.

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The Foundation Trilogy

How is that for an ultra-nerdy post title?

The roof came off and they started digging the trenches for the foundation this past Friday.

It is amazing to start seeing it take shape.  I’ve walked this outline off a hundred times, but now that the lines are definitively drawn, it is exciting to see.  The cut out in the front (bottom of the above picture) is going to be where a family desk will be located.  The wall in the picture will be coming down this week as this will be our living room and entry into the kitchen.

The really weird part, though, for me, is that even though I can see the trenches dug out, I’m still having a hard time seeing the layout of the house.  I don’t really know why.  I know where the kitchen is going to be, where all of the bedrooms are going to be, where the bathrooms will be, but for some reason, my minds eye seems to think that it is smaller than I was anticipating.  I guess I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It is cool, but I thought that it would be different.  I’m still waiting for all of the pieces to fall together.  I’m sure that it will in time. 

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Screw Ups & Sage Wisdom

There are a lot more of the former and a lot less of the latter, but hopefully my new page will lend some value to those that are thinking of undergoing a similar project.

There is a link from the top of the page (SU & SW) or click here.

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No More White Tile

The rocket scientists that designed our apartment had the amazing foresight to put white tile in the entry way.  Unless you are hyper-anal-retentive about having people take off their shoes outside, you are going to be cleaning shoe marks and puppy paws up at least once per day.

My advice, don’t put white tile in an entry way.

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