Love & Demolition


They started demolition yesterday. I swung by the house on the way home and boy was I surprised. First of all, it was terribly emotional. I felt like crying as I walked around. The room that I built for my son is gone. As much as that house drove me nuts with it’s unusal layout, poorly placed windows and cabinets, cheap windows, bizarre electrical system and outdated plumbing, I was much more emotionally attached than I thought. It was rough to see it yanked apart.

I’ve heard that it was pulled apart a bit more today. More pictures this weekend.



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3 responses to “Love & Demolition

  1. Mom

    Sure there are lots of memories. You, Holly, and Agnes started building a wonderful life there, only to be additionally blessed with Ella Jane and Sam… and the walls got packed with memories. But, as you know, the memories stay with you even if the brick and mortar comes down. I can tell you every inch of the house in Alburtis where you were born and I haven’t been in it for 30 years. You will love your new home, but you will never forget this home. That’s what it’s all about. Love to all, MOM

  2. Joe

    You have a nice mom. I liked what she wrote.

  3. Mike Klein


    Your mom rocks!

    Take care,


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