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We went by the house over the weekend to take a look at the progress that can be made in 2 days.  Since I have no idea how long it would take to do the type of damage that has been done, I’m not really sure if I should be impressed or disappointed. 

On the one hand, our garage is gone.

It actually dawned on me that I never really took any pictures of the garage.  It was, in essence, a termite & rat ridden box.  I actually kind of half expected it to collapse at anytime.  I’m shocked that it was still standing until Friday.

On the other hand, I think that I was expecting the whole house to be ripped out to the studs.  Right now, I’m guessing that full demolition will be completed by Thanksgiving week.  Hopefully sooner as we got a bit of rain over the past few days and that will be the determining factor of how fast this project moves. 

We have a meeting with Craig on Wednesday.  I think that we are meeting with the window guy on Tuesday night.  As suspected, we went over our window budget by about 20%.  Dollar for dollar, it isn’t a whole lot of money, but my big concern is that if we go over all of our allowances by 20%, this is going to blow our budget fairly substantially. 

All in all, though, after 3 days, I’m pretty happy with where things stand.

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