The Foundation Trilogy

How is that for an ultra-nerdy post title?

The roof came off and they started digging the trenches for the foundation this past Friday.

It is amazing to start seeing it take shape.  I’ve walked this outline off a hundred times, but now that the lines are definitively drawn, it is exciting to see.  The cut out in the front (bottom of the above picture) is going to be where a family desk will be located.  The wall in the picture will be coming down this week as this will be our living room and entry into the kitchen.

The really weird part, though, for me, is that even though I can see the trenches dug out, I’m still having a hard time seeing the layout of the house.  I don’t really know why.  I know where the kitchen is going to be, where all of the bedrooms are going to be, where the bathrooms will be, but for some reason, my minds eye seems to think that it is smaller than I was anticipating.  I guess I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It is cool, but I thought that it would be different.  I’m still waiting for all of the pieces to fall together.  I’m sure that it will in time. 


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