The Demo is Done and the Framing Begun


It’s been a while, but due to holidays, family, end of quarter and life, I haven’t been able to post much lately. Well, the good news on the house front is that all of our demolition is finished and our framing has begun. The crew is working on the garage first in order to build a place to keep tools and such. We’ve also been doing some shopping. As I’ve mentioned countless times, in doing a project like this, it is really important that you stay way, way ahead of the curve in terms of your buying of items. Right now, we are about a month ahead of schedule in terms of what we need to purchase. It is a good thing when your contractor wants to pull the reins back a bit because you want to buy things faster than they need them. However, that being said, it is our goal to push these guys as hard as possible because we are sick of being in the apartment.

You can see in this picture that the garage is starting to be framed out.  They’ve also got the sub-floor installed.  We are pretty excited now because we can see the house forming.  I walk around the work site with a huge smile on my face.  This is the same smile that I had when Holly and I got married and when my kids were born.  It is just amazing to see this happen.


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