Plumbing Fixtures – SisBro – Campbell, CA

Did you know that you could buy dragon head sink faucets?  How awesome is that?  While it doesn’t go well with Craftsman style home that we are building, they would be wonderful in any type of design.

SisBro Plumbing Supplies in Campbell, CA is an amazing place if you need stuff.  They have an incredible selection of fairly priced, high-end fixtures.  Heath, one of the owners, really is a plumbing czar.  He is great and brings an incredible amount of knowledge to the table.

Frankly, we didn’t know anything going into this meeting.  We had no idea what we could afford and what the quality would be.  We were stoked.  We were able to get much more than we ever could have anticipated.  The coolest part is that we got a bathtub faucet that comes out of the ceiling.  Heath assures us that it won’t splatter water everywhere.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges for us in these meetings is what to do with the kids.  SisBro has a great kids room.  Video, games, art, whatever to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours.  It’s all good.  The kids had a great time there.

Looks like fun, huh?



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3 responses to “Plumbing Fixtures – SisBro – Campbell, CA

  1. Craig

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  2. Excellent blog.

    I stumble on this blog the other day and please to discover that we are using the same architect for our project and same store for plumbing fixtures.

    Heath from sisbro was also very helpful with us the other day. It is great to have someone to explain the pro and con of every choice that we make.

    I am looking forward to read more of your posts.

  3. Looks like your site is getting alot of visitors. Are you doing any time of special coding to make your site appear so well in the search engines? Great Job!

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