If You Buy A Fridge, I’ll Tax the Ice

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We are doing a pretty decent job of staying in budget on our allowances.  All said and done, with windows, plumbing fixtures, doors & appliances, we are only about $4,000 over budget.  Compared to other people we’ve talked with, we are knocking the cover off the ball with this.

Some of this is due to our negotiating.  A lot of this is due to us getting Craig’s pricing.   Some of it still is us understanding what we can get for our budget and working as hard as possible to stay within it.

The main reason that we are over our budget, and I offer this word of advice, is that we don’t take into consideration tax and delivery.  If you are working on a project, don’t forget about these little dittys.  In California, where sales tax is 8 1/4% it becomes a significant chunk of change.  Add on delivery or installation charges and you’re looking at 10 – 12% of your total budget.  It sucks.  Don’t forget about paying the taxman.

BTW, that picture above is by an artist named David Ross.  Of course, it is called ‘The Taxman’.


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  1. Could be worse, you could be in Nova Scotia (Canada 🙂 ) where the sales tax is 14% (was 15% last year)

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