Raise The Roof

Craig and crew started to put the roof on this week.  Coming from central Pennsylvania, what I am trying to figure out is this: How can a crew of 40 Amish guys bang up a house in a day with their hands, but with a crew of 6 it takes 6 months to do a house with power tools?  I almost want to import an Amish crew and have them do the rough carpentry.

It is really cool now to visualize the house.  The dog was there today and loved it.  She’s already scoped out a sunny spot to lounge in.  She will be bummed when we have a roof over our heads and that spot goes away.  It is amazing, though, now that the ceilings are being framed out and the walls are defined, how much smaller the place feels.  I was never expecting it to be Trump Towers or anything, but going from no roof to roof certainly boxes you in.


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