Appliance Shopping – Standards of Excellence – San Jose

We purchased our appliances this week from Standards of Excellence in San Jose. Since I mentioned early on in this blog that I wasn’t going to write about finances in terms of dollars, this is one of those hard to write posts. The place was really nice, however I don’t think that our budget was in the same ball park as their average clients.

I think what gave it away was the La Cornue range (3x our total appliance budget) in the entry way and the fact that they were surprised that the homeowner arranged the first meeting instead of a designer. The products that they sell are amazing, but show us to the back of the store please and do you have anything with scratches on it? Seconds? Returns? Last years model maybe?

In the end, and thanks to Craig, we were able to get pretty much everything that we wanted (except for the GE Monogram Wine Vault with bio-metric scanner – seriously, check the link. My banks vault isn’t this secure). The stuff that we got is nice and is appropriate for the house and the neighborhood. Best of all, we came in at $7.00 under budget after some of the rebates allotted to us. We’ll take that and put it towards some of the other areas where we are over budget. Every little bit helps, we are finding.

Picture above by Jes *Junque Revival*



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2 responses to “Appliance Shopping – Standards of Excellence – San Jose

  1. Dave

    Standards os excellence does have a clearance center in Santa Rosa.

    Here’s their URL:

    It will be intersesting to see what they got over there.

  2. katya

    The correct website for Standards of Excellence in the Northern California is:

    There are clearance items that they usually put on this page:

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