2 Months of Progress

When we started this project, we were told that it would be 6 – 8 months depending on the rain.  We’ve lucked out (sorry farmers) and have had little to no rain this season.  Since we’ve had no down days, I’ll go with the 6 months.  Here is a quick progression of pictures once per month.  We are 4 months into the project.

Pre-Demolition – Seems like so long ago.

After 1 month – Most of the house is gone.  New foundation is poured.  Neighbor is doing her best Margaret Hamilton (jk).

After 2 months – Flooring is in as are hardy planks.  Garage is framed and up.

After 3 Months – Most noticeable difference this project has seen.  Roof is on.  House is framed.

After 4 Months – Siding and roof are on, windows are in.  We could squat here if we had too.
Hopefully, fingers crossed, we are at the 2/3 mark.  No commitments, but we still seem way ahead of the game at this point.  We’ve are running out of things to pick out.  The damn range hood is still driving me nuts.  I haven’t talked about it yet because we still haven’t figured it out.  It will be the thing that I point to in 10 years and be reminded how much time we spent discussing what to do with our exhaust vents.  The dryer has the same issue.



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2 responses to “2 Months of Progress

  1. Ken Smith

    Scott – your house is looking great. I was over off Willow the otherday picking up my daughter from a playdate and drove right past it – looking good!

    As for my project – I am armed with plans and permits – so I am now dangerous. I am trying to
    get plans out to the generals I am interested in. Craig is at the top of my list (also includes other
    big local names). Craig has a stellar reputation. A neighbor who had a bid from him – but sadly ended up using another builder refered to him as the best – this reputation seems earned (he is a good guy). Regardless I am hoping that A) he will bid on my job and B) I can afford his bid – we will see…wish me luck in the bidding fun

  2. I’ve been talking to Craig, since he is doing our house. The last couple of times I’ve talked to him he’s mentioned this blog. As you guys probably know, he’s not a computer guy at all – doesn’t even have an email address, but he’s totally pumped about your blog.

    We started demo about a month ago, and they should start pouring foundation concrete within the next few days. They should be able to finish the demo soon by taking down the roof and some of the walls.

    Craig is the best. We found him because he did our friend’s house. We figured if he was good enough for her, he was good enough for us.

    Good luck on your project.

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