SU & SW – Be Nice to Your Foreman

Adding another piece of guidance to my list of screw-ups and sage wisdom.

Be nice to your foreman.

Mike, the foreman, head framer, go-to guy on our project has to be 1 of the top nicest, most professional people I’ve ever met.  It is easy to be nice to him, but I suspect that people, especially in our area, tend to poop all over him for the dumbest reasons.  Keep in mind that this is the guy building your house.  Be nice to him and his crew.  Take them a six of Gatorade once in a while.  Bring by a pizza or cookies.  It will go miles.

Of course, you should be nice to everyone (love or a hit in the head is what my grandmother used to say), but being nice & considerate to the guy building your house is extra important.  Keep in mind, that he probably doesn’t want to move that light switch too many times or add extra braces to support your fancy TV.  Also keep in mind that a change order doesn’t take that long to create.   The next time you see the guy that is out there in the cold and rain, building your house, be sure to say thank you for being there and doing such a great job.  It will go miles.

So once again, Mike, thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing job that you are doing on our place.  We love it.



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2 responses to “SU & SW – Be Nice to Your Foreman

  1. Heather

    Here is another idea that has worked wonders for me. Ask Mike for a bunch of business cards to hand out to everyone you know. This is free advertising that they can’t get anywhere else. Also tell Mike to use your name as his #1 reference to anyone else that is thinking about using him. They tend to love the fact that you are willing to use yourself as a means to their progress and success.

    How are you guys all doing? I have been thinking about your family a lot lately. Please email me an update.

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