The Pools

I’ll admit it, I’ve probably been a bit unfair about the state of apartment living.  Despite the Elephants (who per my previous post, have moved out), the thumping bass, the white carpet / white tile, the loud water heater, the very loud HVAC system, the people (actually the people are pretty nice for the most part, I’m just a curmudgeon) and all of the the things that I’ve moaned and groaned about, it really isn’t bad.  Whew, that was a great venting session.

The best part of the apartment complex is that there are two pools, one heated.  The weather in the Bay Area has been unbelievable the past week or so.  Highs into the 80’s.  We’ve been hitting the pool nightly.  It is fun to get out and swim a few laps.  It is fun for the kids to do the hot tub to pool to hot tub game.  It beats hell out of being in Chicago, NY or Philadelphia and preparing for late snow.

The pool is alright.


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