My Blue Mantel

Well, we purchased our mantel the other day.  Actually, it is this one here to the right, however, we got it in a very dark, heavily distressed blue with a nice little gold leaf trim.  Holly found it on

The people at are great and they offer a wonderful warranty if you aren’t buying your mantel in blue.  We are actually pretty stoked that we got the first blue mantel.  Our rep told me that she never sold one and that it was the talk of the office, so we are a bit nervous.

I’m sure that it will be fine.  Some of the furniture that Holly has picked out has a ton of color in it, so I’m sure that it will meld in.


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One response to “My Blue Mantel

  1. That’s cool, I was looking for a mantel online & saw them. I ended up going with Agee Woodworks

    Blue’s a bold color to go with! I think that’d be awesome to have it painted like that. My wife insisted we stick with a natural looking wood color.

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