Home Depot vs. Restoration Hardware

Anyone that has been reading this blog for any amount of time understands that we have champagne taste on a beer budget. I’m pretty cheap. Holly has been pretty cheap. We are at the point now, where we are bragging to our friends about how little over budget we are on this project. We are less than 2% over budget at this point.

One line item that wasn’t included in our contract by Craig was for accessories and non-recessed lighting. These are things like sconces, ceiling lamps, fans, towel racks, knobs, etc. He doesn’t provide a budget because each buyers tastes are different and, as I’m finding, it is pretty easy to spend a few thousand dollars on a gnarly, ugly chandelier. So he leaves that line blank. Well, what to my surprise when I started looking at things like towel racks, toilet paper holders and stuff like that. Did you know that you can spend over $100 on a toilet paper holder? To H-E double hockey stick with that. It isn’t gold or internet ready or anything. It just holds TP.

With our champagne taste comes our love of Restoration Hardware. As those of you familiar with this store, you know that it isn’t the cheapest place on the planet when it comes to buying the above mentioned items. So I needed to put on my El-Cheapo attitude and beg and plead to at least go look at Home Expo, Home Depot’s clean version of their Orange nightmare. While it wasn’t a complete score, we did manage to pick up a few things at Expo that were more or less equivalent to Restoration and save ourselves about $600 in the process. So without further ado, here is the first Home Depot vs. Restoration Hardware comparisons.

Item # 1: Outdoor Lighting

We needed 7 sconces for the exterior of the house. Holly found some really nice ones at Restoration. They were $150 each. The ones that we found at Expo were $100. Can you spot which is which?



Item #2: Cabinet Knobs

Again, the ones at Restoration were really nice, but they were $7.50 a piece. The ones at Home Expo were $2.99. We needed 33 knobs. You can do the math on this one. It was a huge savings. The pictures kind of give away which is which.



I guess the pictures are a dead give away which are which, thus making my 3rd and final challenge a piece of cake.

Item # 3: Drawer Pulls

Since I kind of gave it away above, here is what the drawer pull that we ended up getting looked like

The cost each at Restoration was $13. The cost at Home Expo was $5. We need 18 pulls.

We got hooks too. 2 for the bathroom. $22 each at Restoration. $2.50 each at Expo. I’ve spent a lot of money on stupid things in my time, but if you pay $22 for a hook, you’ve been taken.

Finally, shopping for knobs & pulls (anything frankly) at Home Expo is akin to getting dental work. Their websites are also amazingly terrible for such a retail giant. In looking for my pictures tonight, I found Knobs4Less. Their selection is pretty nice.

If you curious about Question #1, letter A is the one that we got at Home Expo. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any interior lighting at Expo that we were just in love with, so we are off to Restoration tomorrow. Wish me luck.



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3 responses to “Home Depot vs. Restoration Hardware

  1. Teresa

    Got any suggestions of places people can go that are like Restoration Hardware but have online ordering? 🙂 It doesn’t look like Home Expo has an online catalogue.

  2. Restoration Hardware NY, Creative metal-crafters , polishers , and electrical technicians all work together to provide the most precise Refinishing Brass Chandelier restoration.

  3. Hey Scottshouse,
    Thanks for the info, There are a lot of places to purchase equipment, tools, and more. However, none of them seem to match the prowess of the Home Depot. This big box retailer has thousands of large locations throughout the United States, and beyond. They not only provide a wealth of options to homeowners that are looking to fix up their home, they are a friend to contractors of all vocational skills.
    Nice One!

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