Top 5 Greatest Phrases Ever

Up there with “You may kiss the bride” & “Congratulations, it’s a boy / girl”, “Go ahead and give the apartment complex your 30 day notice” has to be one of the greatest phrases ever uttered to us.

It is like the 8th month of pregnancy has arrived.  We know that something cool is coming in a month, we don’t know the exact date and we probably aren’t as ready for it as we think that we are.  Never the less, we are really excited.

As everyone has told us, the last month, all of the detail work, will seem to take the longest.  I don’t know if it is necessarily taking longer or if it is simply the anticipation of being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are so close, but when I look into a big empty room, it is hard to tell if 30 days is a pipe dream or not.  There is still so much to do and now the clock is ticking.

Craig has said that we can sleep in his guest room if we aren’t done.



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2 responses to “Top 5 Greatest Phrases Ever

  1. Jim Pascoe


    Great web site! It’s good to find others online that are in the midst of a remodeling project like ours. We are Craig Rogers clients as well and are almost one month into our 6-7 month project (the demo is in full swing at the moment). We live on Dry Creek Rd. in Campbell, so not too far from you. We are currently in a rental house with our newborn daughter (yes, in fact we are gluttons for punishment).

    Working with Craig has been a pleasure so far. I agree with many of your comments re: responsiveness, thoroughness of his bid/contract, etc. He has built homes for several of our neighbors, so we were able to see his work first hand. This really helped us narrow down the field of candidates. In terms of contractors, we had three serious contenders and a fourth (less than serious) one.

    We also went through this process six years ago at our previous house in Campbell (we used Freitas Construction). That experience certainly helped us know what to look for and what to avoid. It’s also helping to shorten our learning curve on various aspects of the current project.

    Best of luck to you as you finish the house. I’ll keep checking back for updates.


    Jim Pascoe

  2. Ken

    I will second that …Going through a remodel myself at the moment in Willow Glen. My is not
    as extensive at both of yours (500 ft sq new / 400 ft sq remodelled) – but we are living there during
    the construction and the job included relocation of the gas meter (Done now – PG&E can …. my …) and electrical drop. We lucked out with a great general and his staff who has been very accomodating – all while making phenominal progress. We are now in the home stretch and all and all – its been pretty painless. I am using Doug Carey Construction – he is great general contractor in the willow glen area and has constantly concerned with my satisfaction of the job they are doing since day one. drop me an email if you need more info on Doug …

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