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Somethings Gotta Give

With Holly in the hospital for the next week or so, I’m left being dude with job, mom, dad, supportive husband and home project manager.  Unfortunately, my bandwidth doesn’t allow me to be much of a blogger, so sadly, something has to give and that something is going to be this site.  For the next few weeks or so, my postings will be sporadic at best.  Since they’ve been pretty sporadic thus far, I’m afraid that means more or less a total shut down.  I’ll continue to take a bunch of photos and probably finish what I started at some point mid-summer.

Thanks to everyone who reads this.  Please stay subscribed or check back for the latest greatest in a couple of weeks.



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I hate the idea of spending a bunch of money on landscaping and I’m appalled by how much it costs to put a bunch of grass, stone & plants in your yard. It is amazing to me. Yet, when faced with weekends of schleping away in the hot sun doing something that I really don’t know how to do, that price tag becomes a bit more palatable.

We made the decision recently to hire Don Hall to do our landscaping. Don is a classic, old school kind of guy who has been doing really nice work in the Bay Area forever. The picture to the right is his back yard. Don lives up the street from us and Holly and I have really gotten to like him and his family a lot.

While I don’t think that our yard will be a master piece like his, I do think that he will make a really good looking yard that the kids can play football in. He is also doing a lot of stone work for us and tying it all in to the overall fit of the house. I know that it will look great.


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