Somethings Gotta Give

With Holly in the hospital for the next week or so, I’m left being dude with job, mom, dad, supportive husband and home project manager.  Unfortunately, my bandwidth doesn’t allow me to be much of a blogger, so sadly, something has to give and that something is going to be this site.  For the next few weeks or so, my postings will be sporadic at best.  Since they’ve been pretty sporadic thus far, I’m afraid that means more or less a total shut down.  I’ll continue to take a bunch of photos and probably finish what I started at some point mid-summer.

Thanks to everyone who reads this.  Please stay subscribed or check back for the latest greatest in a couple of weeks.



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3 responses to “Somethings Gotta Give

  1. Do what you have to do to fulfill the most important roles and the blog will be here (and so will we) when life calms down.

    Sending prayers and good thoughts to Holly, you and the kids~

  2. Ken

    Foremost – I hope your wife is recovering quickly after the surgery and I commend her’s and your determination and attitude in beating this incideous disease.

    The house is looking great – looks like you will be ready to move in to your new home shortly. Question – how did you arrive at a decision to go with white kitchen cabinets? I am about a month
    into our addition + remodel and we are trying to decide right now what cabinet style and color to go with, color of granite, kitchen floor…and the choices go on and and – I am sure you can relate from your own recent experiences… how did you choose??

    Your kitchen (and entire house) looks awesome!

    Take care of the important things – all else will fall in place…


  3. Really love your home. Your attention to detail is really marvelous.

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