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The Pools

I’ll admit it, I’ve probably been a bit unfair about the state of apartment living.  Despite the Elephants (who per my previous post, have moved out), the thumping bass, the white carpet / white tile, the loud water heater, the very loud HVAC system, the people (actually the people are pretty nice for the most part, I’m just a curmudgeon) and all of the the things that I’ve moaned and groaned about, it really isn’t bad.  Whew, that was a great venting session.

The best part of the apartment complex is that there are two pools, one heated.  The weather in the Bay Area has been unbelievable the past week or so.  Highs into the 80’s.  We’ve been hitting the pool nightly.  It is fun to get out and swim a few laps.  It is fun for the kids to do the hot tub to pool to hot tub game.  It beats hell out of being in Chicago, NY or Philadelphia and preparing for late snow.

The pool is alright.


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The Elephants Have Moved Out

Migrating Elephants – Kent Jordan

Regular readers will recall our nemesis upstairs, the Elephant Trainers.  Good news, Wednesday night I mentioned to Holly that it has been unusually quiet in terms of the crying babies and thrashing circus animals.  When I took the dog for a walk the next day, I noticed that the Elephants had moved all of their stuff off of their porch.  W00T!!!

Tonight, maintenance folk were upstairs banging on carpet tacks and vacuuming.  It was loud, but not Elephant loud.  Hopefully, Archstone will screen for circus trainers / parade captains / safari dudes.

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Topless White Castles and Other Ideas that Come Up After Three Patron Shots

There hasn’t been a whole lot to report on in the past week or so.  The house is gone and the forms are poured.  I don’t know how many more pictures of a dwindling house my readers can take.  Frankly, there is very little left and Craig and crew haven’t started development on any of the new things.  There is a sizable stack of lumber in the driveway.

One thing that is really fortunate for us is that the family that is building the house immediately to the left of us in the above picture also lives in the same apartment complex with us.  They have kids who are our kids ages and they used to live down the block from us.  They are wonderful neighbors to have and they love Patron Gold Tequila.   If you were to come to my house, I’d offer you a beer, they offer tequila.  It is great, especially since they are very fun to hang around with and are both very entrepreneurial.  It enables us to come up with really hair brained schemes that will never get off the ground, but they are fun to talk about anyway.  Tonight, the one that came up was opening a topless White Castle in the Transamerica building.  We’d make millions!!!  Not that it would be a booming business or either of our wives would allow us (his wife was adamantly against it and I’d never bring the concept up to mine), but, more importantly, when living in the A-P-T, it is nice to have great neighbors to hang out with and solve the problems of the world.

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No More White Tile

The rocket scientists that designed our apartment had the amazing foresight to put white tile in the entry way.  Unless you are hyper-anal-retentive about having people take off their shoes outside, you are going to be cleaning shoe marks and puppy paws up at least once per day.

My advice, don’t put white tile in an entry way.

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Yuck, Snails!!!

When we started this project, I was really hoping that we would have cracked open the walls and found a bag of cash, gold doubloons or an original copy of the US Constitution.  I think that everyone half hopes that this happens when they work on an old house.

What I didn’t expect was that we would find snails.  That’s right, snails.  Tons of them.  Actually not living snails, but snail shells that had infested the area between our bathtub, walls and floor.

Don’t ask how they got there and yes, I’m disgusted by the fact that they were there.

Things are progressingly nicely.  The demolition team was even wise enough to leave in the child protection caps on the outlets so that no one would get hurt.

We even had a little visitor at the apartment last night.

Craig’s crew seems to feel that demolition will be done this week.  More pictures are on the Flickr site here.

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On Apartment Living

There probably aren’t too many 2nd floor dwelling elephant trainers residing in the San Jose area, but some how, we managed to get stuck underneath one of them.  Even more unfortunate, lessons usually don’t begin until 9 or 10 at night.

They are very loud.

Photo by Kozyndan.


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Fish Don’t Fry in the Kitchen…

…Beans don’t burn on the grill.

Well, it’s not quite a piece of the pie and it certainly isn’t in the sky, but we are offically residents of the Archstone Willow Glen apartment complex. We were very plesantly surprised. The place is clean, it feels secure and, most of all, it seems very quiet. I’m not sure what we were expecting, and perhaps are expectations were a bit low, but all in all, we are very pleased with ole AWG. However, I still refer to it as Ghetto Arms.

When we moved in, there was new paint, carpet and linoleum. I’m convinced that there was a murder in our unit, but hey, you take the good with the bad, right? Parking is a bit of an issue for me, but we got a reserved spot right out our door for Holly. Our toilet was leaking the first day and the staff came right away and took care of it. I’ve heard from friends that response rates were a bit of an issue, but we haven’t seen it.

The clock is now ticking and adjustment has been hard, but we are surviving and it could be a whole lot worse.  We’re very lucky to be in this situation.

Movin’ on up.

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