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Bye Bye Birchie

We’ve had a huge birch tree in front of our house for the last 50 years or so.  While it is a great tree, it unfortunately was going to be in the middle of our new living room.  We can’t have a giant tree blocking the TV, so it had to go.

The whole process seems very real now.  We are in the midst of packing boxes and separating into 3 piles: apartment, POD or sale.  Our loan closes on Monday and construction is still slated to begin on 11/1.


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What’s white, has a chainsaw and smells like fruit?


Spent the weekend preparing the backyard for laying the foundation by taking down  an orange tree and a lemon tree.  Working on getting an after photo now.  The orange tree (right tree in pic) is more or less where our master bedroom is going.  The lemon tree, is where our back patio is going to go.

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Home Expo

We made our first of probably many trips to Home Expo this weekend.  One of the contractors that we talked with cautioned us against going there based on the quality of the materials that they have, especially in cabinetry, but we went anyway because it never stops raining here and the kids are tired of being in the house.

We found a kitchen that we liked and Holly found a bathtub that she loved.  Next step is window shopping as we can't agree on a transom window for the front room.  

We also found some flooring that we really liked a lot.  We have a gift to be able to pick out the single most expensive thing in any showroom.  Probably not going with that, but we will have to see after we get our bids.

Hopefully, final drawings next week.  We are skipping a meeting this week due to work.  We are talking about adding a half bath to the house.  Nothing glamorous, just a trying to keep a bunch of kids from traipsing through the house every time they need to go to the bathroom. 


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Before (Hopefully) Pictures

It stopped raining this weekend in Northern California for the first time since Reagan was Governor and I was able to get out and take some pictures of the place. These will be the before pictures. One lookatSchnaars Manor and you will understand why we need to remodel. We love the location, but we have outgrown this tiny little space.


Click for bigger image.

I also spent some time drawing up floor plans using 3D Architect. Architectural programs are difficult to figure out if you are not in that industry. If you can do it, good on ya mate, but I found it tough. Mainly, I just didn’t know all of the requirements and a 3DA won’t let you defy the laws of physics. This is great if you are a pro not wanting to build somebizarro world home, but if you are hobbyist and just want to draw an ideal floor plan, it is frustrating. Another thing to keep in mind, if you own an older PC and you try to run the latest version of 3DA on it, you video card and drivers will probably not thank you in the morning.

Click for larger image.

Like I said, it isn’t much, but we have some good ideas and hopefully at the end of this, we will have some sanity and a beautiful house.

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