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Plumbing Fixtures – SisBro – Campbell, CA

Did you know that you could buy dragon head sink faucets?  How awesome is that?  While it doesn’t go well with Craftsman style home that we are building, they would be wonderful in any type of design.

SisBro Plumbing Supplies in Campbell, CA is an amazing place if you need stuff.  They have an incredible selection of fairly priced, high-end fixtures.  Heath, one of the owners, really is a plumbing czar.  He is great and brings an incredible amount of knowledge to the table.

Frankly, we didn’t know anything going into this meeting.  We had no idea what we could afford and what the quality would be.  We were stoked.  We were able to get much more than we ever could have anticipated.  The coolest part is that we got a bathtub faucet that comes out of the ceiling.  Heath assures us that it won’t splatter water everywhere.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges for us in these meetings is what to do with the kids.  SisBro has a great kids room.  Video, games, art, whatever to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours.  It’s all good.  The kids had a great time there.

Looks like fun, huh?



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The Demo is Done and the Framing Begun


It’s been a while, but due to holidays, family, end of quarter and life, I haven’t been able to post much lately. Well, the good news on the house front is that all of our demolition is finished and our framing has begun. The crew is working on the garage first in order to build a place to keep tools and such. We’ve also been doing some shopping. As I’ve mentioned countless times, in doing a project like this, it is really important that you stay way, way ahead of the curve in terms of your buying of items. Right now, we are about a month ahead of schedule in terms of what we need to purchase. It is a good thing when your contractor wants to pull the reins back a bit because you want to buy things faster than they need them. However, that being said, it is our goal to push these guys as hard as possible because we are sick of being in the apartment.

You can see in this picture that the garage is starting to be framed out.  They’ve also got the sub-floor installed.  We are pretty excited now because we can see the house forming.  I walk around the work site with a huge smile on my face.  This is the same smile that I had when Holly and I got married and when my kids were born.  It is just amazing to see this happen.

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Paint It Black

We hit Viking Door in San Ho the other night and did a little door shopping. Boy do they have you by the cookies for those things. God forbid you cheap out on a decent front door. It is the first thing that people notice. It is what gives the house curb appeal. It is what is protecting your family from the gangs of ravenous thugs stalking the suburbs for just such an opportunity. You don’t want a cheap front door. Unfortunately, our budget for front doors and what we want are so far apart from one another, that we are going to, again, have to meet in the middle somewhere. I’m starting to see a consistent theme.

Like any good loving husband / father / homeowner, I bought into the better quality (aka slightly more expensive) door. While we haven’t made a final decision yet, we are about 90% on the T.M. Cobb brand, which I’ve never heard of, but I know next to nothing about this whole process. See the tiny picture. Like I mentioned in a previous post, most construction and building websites either suck or are non-existent. In the case of our door people, it leans towards the sucky. The one odd thing about these doors is that they are 8′ high. I understand that this is the latest trend. This is cool as I like a huge front door. Even more exciting is that I’ll probably have to build a periscope in order to look out the panes.

We are almost set on Craftmaster interior doors. They look cool. I don’t get the impression that they are anything all that special. They look nice enough. Since my cello is in the shop, we will probably go with a different color.

The only other door that we can highlight, and I thought that this was really cool, is the door to our mudroom. A slider that we will have coated in chalkboard so that we can make lists and notes and the kids can draw.

I don’t recall who makes this, I just thought that it was fairly clever. Magnetic too.

Finally, despite what Jagger / Richards Music tells you, don’t paint your solid wood door black (or any dark color for that matter) if it will be in direct sunlight. It causes the wood to heat up and expand thus making your door hard to open or shut.

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Plans Out of the City


Except it came about 4 weeks early.  We have been kind of caught with our pants down a bit since we don’t have financing lined up yet nor have we finalized on a contractor.  But our plans are ready to be picked up.

Probably this week, we will resolve the above.  We’ve narrowed our contractor down and now need to finalize that.  We’ve also found two really great loan products from IndyMac and First Horizon.  I’ll be doing the spread sheet later this weekend and letting everyone know what we found.

We also discovered Lamps Plus, which has every single lamp ever manufactured.  I don’t know anything about their quality, however, they do have selection down pat.

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Home Deathspot

Spent a few hours at Home Depot over the weekend.  Not to buy anything, but to get a feel for what is available on the market in terms of cabinets, flooring, windows, doors, etc.

We are going out for estimates this week.  My bet is that we will be about 20% over our budget, which sucks because we don’t really have many places that we can cut corners.  We shall see.  Rick has been really helpful in helping us layout more or less what we would want from a design stand point and helped us to pick the major components of the house for these estimates.  Essentially, we gave each builder the plans and a list of what we want including types of countertops, windows, flooring, cabinets, etc.  Ideally, we will get apples to apples estimates back.

Should have something posted in the next week or so.

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Home Expo

We made our first of probably many trips to Home Expo this weekend.  One of the contractors that we talked with cautioned us against going there based on the quality of the materials that they have, especially in cabinetry, but we went anyway because it never stops raining here and the kids are tired of being in the house.

We found a kitchen that we liked and Holly found a bathtub that she loved.  Next step is window shopping as we can't agree on a transom window for the front room.  

We also found some flooring that we really liked a lot.  We have a gift to be able to pick out the single most expensive thing in any showroom.  Probably not going with that, but we will have to see after we get our bids.

Hopefully, final drawings next week.  We are skipping a meeting this week due to work.  We are talking about adding a half bath to the house.  Nothing glamorous, just a trying to keep a bunch of kids from traipsing through the house every time they need to go to the bathroom. 


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